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How Brands Use Varos
How Brands Use Varos

Here are some of the top use-cases we hear from brands we work with.

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Marketers aren't used to using competitive data in their day-to-day. So we compiled the top use cases that we hear from our customers:

  1. You vs. The Market - Understand if performance changes are due to you or the market - When you see your costs go up, you can check Varos to see if they went up for everyone else too. That way, you know if you (1) need to change your creative or audience, (2) if you just need to ride out the wave or (3) double down on spend.

    1. Example 1: if CTR went down for you and the market, your ad didn’t get fatigued so you don’t need to change creative and just weather out the storm. But, if it was just you (market flat or other direction), then you should make a change.

    2. Example 2: If you're significantly beating the market this month, then increase spend.

  2. Diagnosis + Investigation - With Varos, you can learn exactly where you need to improve -

    1. Example: For example, you see my Cost Per Purchase go up relative to the market. So, you check my CTR, CPM, AOV, and Conversion Rate relative to the market and realize that you have a problem with your CPMs.

  3. Show off - If you’re crushing it vs. similar companies, now you can quantitatively prove that to your team!

  4. Peace of mind - When you see the next iOS release happening, a major holiday comes around, you scale budget, or anything else new happens, you don't need to scramble to figure out how you're really doing.

  5. Team reviews - You can screenshot Varos data into your daily, weekly and monthly reports to add extra context to your results.

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