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How Agencies use Varos
How Agencies use Varos

Here are some common use-cases that we hear from our agency partners.

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Performance Marketing & Client Facing Teams

Client-facing & Performance teams are using Varos to better-retain customers and increase budgets based on trust. Here's some more detail:

  1. Add market data in weekly client reports to show context as to what happened to everyone else in the past week

  2. Prove to clients that recent decline in performance was due to a decline on the macro level and not related to the agency's performance.

  3. Show to clients that they're a top performer in their category for their paid marketing KPIs to get increased budget

  4. Show clients expected KPIs at higher spend tiers

  5. Have immediate and data-driven response to the question "what are you seeing in the market?"

  6. Use Varos data to make weekly buying decisions:

    1. If both CPC for you and the market went up, no need to change creative because it was a market trend

    2. If you beat the market that week AND within target KPI then increase spend

    3. If you lost to the market that week, go into ad platforms and diagnose what went wrong / find what you can fix

  7. Set KPI targets for new accounts based on what's a reasonable goal from the market data of similar companies

Sales & Biz Dev Teams:

Agency Sales & Biz Dev teams use Varos as a secret weapon to close new deals.

  1. Demonstrate that you give the attention of a boutique agency but have access to data from over 1,000 accounts.

  2. Set data-driven goals with prospects by showing them what range of results they can expect from running ads on each platform.

  3. Plug in the prospect's data into Varos and shows them how much room there is for improvement.

    1. For example, tell a prospect "you're in the low performers of CTR, leading to an expensive CPC and we're experts at improving CTRs, here's how..."

  4. Show the prospect a similar account that they manage in Varos (the name of client blinded) - and shows that it's beating the market, as evidence that the agency is doing a good job.

    1. For example, "here's another apparel company your size, they're high performers across the board and we can do the same for you"

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