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Varos Best Practices
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Varos is a benchmarking tool that can be used to know where you stand against your peers in terms of key marketing metrics. But did you know there is much more than that? Here are 4 other use-cases that will help you get the most out of Varos.

See how I stack up and where I can improve

Why it matters

To operate a strong business, you need to understand how efficient you are compared to your competitors. If you're CAC is too high, then you know you need to work on it, and Varos will tell you exactly where the problem is.

These reports are also shown to different stakeholders, such as your boss to show how good of a job you're doing or your agency to let them know that there's still room to improve.

How to do it in Varos

Navigate to a dashboard, set the filters to compare to the right peer group and then view the table. When looking at the table, first look at the north-star KPI for that platform, it could be a high ROAS or a low CPP or a low CPC.

If that KPI is green, then that means you're performing strong and shouldn't optimize too much more as long as you're in green. If it's red or yellow, that means you're not efficient enough, that's when you look at the other metrics to find what is red/yellow to understand what the actual problem is and go fix it.

Sample insight

The Cost per Purchase and ROAS aren't strong enough in Advantage+, that's mainly driven by too high of a CPM ($25 vs. $13), immediate action should be taken to lower this and get to high performer figures.

Diagnosing if it was me or the market

Why it matters

Distinguishing between internal and external factors affecting performance helps in making informed decisions and avoiding unnecessary and expensive changes such as a creative refresh.

How to do it in Varos

Navigate to a dashboard, set the date-range filter on the top right and scroll down to the line charts. When looking at the line charts, it’s helpful to “select one line at a time” since otherwise the charts may seem “flat” and hide the real insight

Sample insight

The cost per purchase has been increasing significantly over the last 6 months.

But this seems to be market driven, other high performers are also experiencing cost increases!

Identifying big new opportunities

Why it matters

Identifying unique strategies or underutilized channels can unlock significant performance improvements compared to incremental improvements on existing strategies.

How to do it in Varos

Navigate to distribution views:

Look at the charts that show how your company allocates spend vs high performers on several “dimensions”. It’s important to pay attention to the things you are doing differently from high performers and see if there is something new you could be doing to capture some of the value that the high performers are capturing.

For example the company below is underutilizing Google Shopping campaigns, and thus investing more in shopping can likely lead to better results since it’s working for high performers (defined as the lowest CPP in this case)

Example insight

Media mix dashboard shows that brands in this space have adopted Google and TikTok ads, showcasing potential to find incremental value by using these platforms

Planning holiday spend strategically

Why it matters

Strategic execution during peak periods is essential for maximizing yearly performance.

How to do it in Varos

In your dashboard, such as the Meta dashboard you can setup a custom date range to look at previous years


Starting early November (based on 2023 data), advertising costs start to climb, especially in anticipation of Black Friday. But before the chaos of the big day hits, there's a sweet spot where advertising can be more affordable, and you can get a good ROAS on your ads.

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