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Is Varos slowing down your site?
Is Varos slowing down your site?

Learn the impact Varos has on your site and how to measure site performance

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Sometimes customers ask us - does Varos slow down my site?

The answer is - No, it does not.

How Varos Works

Varos pulls data from the APIs of tools like Facebook and Shopify in order to provide you with benchmarks. That means we're communicating directly with 3rd party tools, and not via your website.

In fact, we do not install any code at all on your website. So, it would be impossible for us to have any effect on your load speed.

This is unlike most ecommerce tools, such as Ads platforms (install a pixel on your site), product recommendations tools (install heavy Javascript on your site), and reviews tools, (install heavy Javascript on your site).

Checking Site Performance

The best way to check your page speed and diagnose what's negatively impacting it is via Lighthouse, a tool built by Google for exactly this purpose.

In order to access it, right click on your website, click inspect, and then navigate to the Lighthouse tab. Then, generate a Performance report.

You'll see that there are a lot of recommended improvements you can make to your site, but Varos won't be one of them.

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